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Why Lease a Website
from Advanced Local Ads?


1. Pre-Ranked Websites!

The number one reason to lease from Advanced Local Ads is because we have already done the work for you to rank the site in the search engines. We have many sites that are ranking #1 for specific keywords that get traffic and bring in new prospects. You can waste more money per month on your own website hoping that the search engine optimization that you would pay for won't be a wasted investment, or you can lease a site from us on a monthly basis that is already ranking on search engines like Google.

2. Easy Low Monthly Payments

Many of our customers pay for their monthly payment with just one or 2 more jobs coming in. With our low monthly payments, it just makes good economic and business sense to lease. We ask you to track how many jobs you get from your leased site(s) because we have found that most of our customers are surprised by how much extra business they get for the cost spent. In fact we hardly ever have customers cancel after the first month of leasing after they see how cost effective the websites are.

3. No Need for Long Term Contracts

While we are happy to agree on a long term contract, we are happy to lease on a month to month basis. Give us a try for a month and see if it makes sense for your business.

4. Extra Marketing Potential

Many of our customers use the website for other offline marketing as well. Once you are leasing a website from Advanced Local Ads, you can use the site for whatever type of marketing you want to drive more traffic to your website(s)

5. No Headaches Dealing with Web Designers

We have the sites already constructed and are happy to add your logo and info about your company upon request. We make the changes quickly and professionally. What could be easier?

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