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Print vs Internet




Ad Size

• Limited options and expensive to include more than a comment about your company

• Larger ad size gives impression of business success and importance

• Entire website of content to describe your company's products and services

• Higher search engine rankings gives impression of business success and importance

Contact options available to consumer.

• Phone call or visit to company

• Subscribe to site, bookmark site, eMail direct link, print Web page, call, visit, etc.


• Rarely used

• Free and effective marketing tool

Downloadable White Papers

• No

• Yes - great way to build credibility for Business to Business sales


• Once per year

• Often as needed

• Useful for new products and services updates or seasonal changes in business

Ad reach.

• Metropolitan area for each phone book

• Phone book users within that area

• International reach, but easily regionally targeted as needed

• Target the demographic of web searchers - high income and use phone books less every day